Wayne State University researcher testifies before Congress

By James Williams

On April 4, 2017, Dr. Andreana Holowatyj, a researcher at Wayne State University, participated in the annual American Association for Cancer Research’s (AACR) annual conference in Washington, DC.  This panel, entitled “The Road to Cancer Survivorship: Discover, Predict, Prevent, and Treat,” served as an open dialogue with the policymakers and their staff members to discuss the future of cancer research related to clinical trials, health care disparities, and the support of biomedical research training programs. This event was hosted by the AACR Office of Science Policy and Government Affairs, a division of the AACR that is based in Washington and champions the societal value of investing in cancer research. 



Dr. Holowatyj (far right) participated in an April 4 panel in Washington DC to discuss the future of cancer research.  Photo courtesy of Amir West.

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