11 years of impact: Wayne Cares & the Detroit Race for the Cure partnership

By Victor Green

On May 13, 2017, the 26th annual Komen Detroit Race for the Cure kicked off at Comerica Park with the support of Wayne State University and the local community. Wayne State has a long-standing commitment to the Race for the Cure since its inception in 1992 by Wayne State's own Gloria Heppner, then associate vice-resident, Research. We are proud to support the Komen Foundation through collaboration with the Wayne Cares initiative and university community. 

The 2017 Wayne Cares Race for the Cure was led by Honorary Chair Provost Keith E. Whitfield. His work alongside Wayne Cares Chair Patrick Gossman brought together several Wayne Cares teams and led donation efforts for the initiative. Since the partnership with Wayne Cares began in 2006, the Race for the Cure has brought together in excess of 3,500 participants and raised more than $100,000. Gossman said, "I support the Race for the Cure to raise funds to fight breast cancer - the most common cancer in women. My wife is alive today because of past research. I'm very grateful, but better treatments and preventive measures are needed to stop the loss of more than 40,000 people in the U.S. alone every year.” Wayne State has been awarded the largest school team to participate in the race every year since 2006.  

Wayne State's relationship with the Race for the Cure is a community-centric cause, directly giving back to those who live in our neighborhood. Up to 75% of the net funds support local breast health, breast cancer awareness, and screening through projects in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties. The remaining funds support research, educational and scientific programs both locally and around the world. Wayne State has received millions of dollars in research grants from the Komen Foundation to support our local communities.

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