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December 1, 2016

Visit to the Embassy of Brazil

James Williams, director of federal affairs, Wayne State University; Anita Estell, the Estell Group, with Mr. Franklin Silva Netto and Ms. Maricy Schmitz of the Embassy of Brazil.

James Williams, Jr., director of federal affairs for Wayne State University, along with our Washington, D.C. representative Anita Estell of the Estell Group, met with officials of the Embassy of Brazil. Facilitated by Diplomacy Matters, a non-profit organization that matches non-profit organizations with other nations, Williams met with Mr. Franklin Silva Netto, Counselor, and head of the Education Section, and Ms. Maricy Schmitz, of the Education Section at the Embassy of Brazil.

Wayne State University and Brazil had a very successful program that saw more than 200 students enroll at Wayne State University. This meeting further engendered support and mutual respect of our work with Brazil, and led to other possible academic and research opportunities for our student body, researchers and professors. The Embassy of Brazil is excited about being able to facilitate a long-term relationship between Wayne State University and a number of universities in Brazil.


The Presidential Election

After one of the longest, and most bitter, elections in modern history, Donald J. Trump prevailed over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in what was widely viewed as an upset. In addition to winning the White House, the Republican Party maintained their hold over the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives.

So what's next? The answer is that no one really knows. Williams says that one lesson he has learned from two decades as a Hill staff person is that in politics, there are no permanent friends, nor permanent enemies; just permanent interests.  Wayne State University has been, and will remain, one of the top research universities that provides access to the education and success for all Americans.


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