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August 31, 2016

In November 2016, we will elect a new president to lead our nation. We will also choose other national, state and local officials to serve our interests in their respective offices. As citizens, we will look for these representatives to provide strong and wise leadership in addressing the countless and complex problems of our day.

While we should resolutely hold elected officials accountable for fulfilling the duties and obligations of their respective offices, we should also hold ourselves accountable for “doing our part” to serve and preserve our beloved Union. We are citizens of a participatory democracy and, therefore, should seek to take part in charting the direction of our nation and ensuring the effective operation of our government. We should also do what we can to support our country, our state, and the cities of our regions to be vibrant, welcoming and great places to live.

One of the most important elements of “doing our part” is to be good neighbors and good citizens, particularly by lending a helping hand to those around us in need. Do your part and volunteer time with a community-based organization. Make a donation of money or goods to a charity. Mentor a young person in your neighborhood.  Visit with a senior citizen.  Help out a family in need.   

A significant component of Wayne State’s mission is to “positively impact local and global communities.” The Division of Government and Community Affairs is charged with fostering partnerships with community and governmental entities to ensure that the University “does its part” to make positive impacts and fulfills its mission. We love our work and gladly share some of the highlights of our efforts in this newsletter.

Ours is a great county, and a great city. Yes we have challenges, but they can be overcome. If you and I do our part, and the University does its part, I am certain that our efforts will have a positive and lasting impact on our city, our region, our state – and ultimately, our nation and world.


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